Computer Modeling and Design

    Although the practice of computer aided modeling and design have been around for a long time, there are new advancements being made in the field constantly. These programs offer a number of options to artists, architects, game designers, movie makers and almost any other industry you can name. In this wiki I will look at a few options that are out there but the possibilites are almost limitless as far as programs go. All of these programs allow a user to manipulate their creations in a digital enviroment and possibly collaborate with other artists to work on the same piece.

Modeling and Design Software:

- Z Brush by Pixologic is a 3D modeling program available online from Pixologic. The program is mainly used to sculpt figures, characters and models for use in computer graphics, 3D printing and CnC work. Another program, Sculptris, is available from the same website, it is described as a training program for useing Z brush, to allow the artist to learn and become familiar with the program before purchasing it in its full. [1]

- Rhino is another modeling program used mainly for design, the program is from McNeel software and offers many upgrades and add ons to specify the program for specific designing. The program is used a great deal in CnC milling, laser cutting and other printing and production methods [2]

- GoogleSketchup is another option, this one more recent and quite a bit more affordable than the other programs looked at. Sketchup is also available as a free version with a number of the features turned off. It is also has a very strong online community that allows for artists and designers to browse through others projects and files in order to improve upon or alter for their own projects. [3]



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