Laser plasma volumetric display

A pulsed laser creates points of glowing plasma

A volumetric display device is a Visual display technology hat forms a visual representation of an object via the emission, scattering, or relaying of illumination from well-defined regions in (x,y,z).[1]

Volumetric displays possess a number of unique properties which potentially make them particularly suitable for collaborative 3D applications. Because such displays have only recently become available, interaction techniques for collaborative usage have yet to be explored.[2]

There are a few different types of volumetric display

  • Swept-volume display - relies on the human persistence of vision to fuse a time-series of regions of the ultimate 3-D region into a single 3-D image. A variety of swept-volume displays have been created.[3]
  • Static volume - creates imagery without any macroscopic moving parts in the image volume. It is unclear if the rest of the system must remain stationary for membership in this display class to be viable.[3]
  • Tomography -creates 3-D images using a tomography approach by using multiple projectors to render a 3-D image[4]

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